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You have questions about the installation of new doors and windows. John Baschuk has answers

Why are more and more home owners investing in new windows and doors?

John: There are several reasons to replace windows and doors. Many home owners have seen such an increase in their home's value that they have decided to invest in upgrades such as the installation of new windows and doors. Other home owners are focused on making their home more energy efficient and comfortable through the installation of new windows and doors.

Why are home owners able to cut energy costs significantly by installing new windows and doors?

John: Even the best windows deteriorate over time. Many homes have inferior windows that were not installed correctly, which causes heating loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. Drafts are also a big issue.

I know home owners are often shocked when I show them how little insulation was installed around their windows, which helps explain why the installation of new windows and doors can have significant energy efficiency benefits. The amount of energy savings will vary, depending on the type of window installed, but most energy experts agree that the savings could be up to 25% annually.

What makes it so hard to identify the problem areas in old windows and doors?

John: A lot of times there is water leakage, but the damage is not noticeable by the average home owner. Often, there is extensive water damage that can only be seen when the old window or door is removed. Repairing water damage can be costly, especially if the leakage has occurred for many years.

So it can actually cost more for window and door replacement if you delay the project by a year or two?

John: Yes, the only thing that is certain about water leaks is that a minor leak eventually turns into a major leak. Water only moves in one direction: down. So it can start in the window frame, but if you wait long enough, it will work its way down to the floor.

Can you help clients choose the right windows and doors for their home?

John: Yes. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a window. For example, I recommend awning style windows on the side of a house that is typically exposed to storms because the tilt of the window will keep out the rain. In other areas of your home, you might want a breeze and in that situation a casement style window could be best.

Has window technology changed in the last 10 years?

John: There have been huge advances. Most people are aware of the improved energy efficiency, but there are many additional benefits. For example, you can now buy windows that have sound blocking qualities.

What window manufacturer do you typically install?

John: I install Laflamme Windows and Doors ( as I have found nothing better in the 15 years I have been installing windows and doors. The workmanship is top grade, the closers work no matter what and they seal tightly.

Plus there are none of the installation issues you get with inferior windows. If the customer insists on another brand, I will do the job, but only if the quality and performance of the window matches what I get with Laflamme.

How do Laflamme windows and doors compare with other brands in terms of price?

John: They are not the cheapest or the most expensive. They are about in the middle. But for value for your money, I think they are unbeatable.

Does the replacement of exterior windows also mean that the inside framing has to be replaced as well?

John: It is possible to reinstall inside framing, but some damage is unavoidable and it may be necessary to buy and install some new framing materials. It is also possible that the framing will not fit the same way and some damage to the dry wall (created when the old window is removed) will need to be repaired. That can be part of the contract or it can be done by the homeowner.

How long does a typical window and door installation project take?

John: About a week for a typical two-storey home. It could be longer if there is a lot of water damage that has been created by the existing windows that has to be repaired before the new windows are installed.

Are any window spaces left open over night?

John: No, if an old window is removed, the new one is installed and sealed before we leave for the day.

Does the installation of new windows and doors create a lot of dust?

John: Not during the construction phase. There will be some dust if drywall repair is required after the windows are installed and the interior framing is reinstalled.

What does the home owner have to do in advance of the construction?

John: All window coverings and the associated hardware used to put up the coverings need to be taken down. In addition, a disposal bin needs to be rented. For most jobs, a 10-yard bin is big enough.

Is every windows and doors installer the same?

John: Absolutely not. There is a lot of inferior workmanship, often completed by workers with limited training. The problem is that the homeowner can't see the mistakes that in short order lead to air and water leaks.

How far in advance should you book a window and door installation?

John: About six months in advance and keep in mind that windows and doors can't be installed during the winter months.

Best door installer John Boshuk, completing the installation of a new patio door at home where he also installed a steel garage door and new, energy efficient casement and awning windows.

Windows are not the only things that leak

For maximum energy savings, it is important to replace and upgrade both your windows and doors. That's because doors, like windows, don't last forever, especially if they were not installed properly, which is more common than you think.

"When I install a new Laflamme door, the customer gets a beautiful, energy efficient door that will cut their monthly energy bill," says John Baschuk. "Plus their home becomes more comfortable because one of the major sources of drafts – a poorly fitting front door – is eliminated."

"Remember to consider all your exterior doors – front, garage and patio. And don't make your buying decision until John has helped you choose the Laflamme door that is right for your application and budget:

  • Steel doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Patio doors
  • Garden doors